Trim Trails

The trim trail is made up of 13 outdoor exercise stations spread out around the bridle path route. The participants proceed from station to station performing the exercise illustrated at each. The trim trail provides an innovative natural method to encourage you to undertake and sustain health promoting behaviour in an outdoor environment.

 What are trim trails?

Trim trails are timber fitness trails which combine scientifically designed exercise with walking or jogging to provide a well balanced physical fitness routine for the entire body…….

Who can use them?

The Trim Tail offers fun and fitness for all age groups and all levels of physical ability

How do you use them?

Individual exercise stations with apparatus are spaced along a walking trail or jogging path. The participant proceeds from one exercise station of the course to the next, performing exercises which are illustrated at each.

From simple Balance Beams to the challenge of the Pole Climb and Ladder Walk, the trim trail tests upper and lower body strength, co-ordination, agility and stamina.

The exercise trails are a fun way to motivate people to reach their fitness goals. An ideal resource for you to improve you health and fitness.

Some useful tips to help you enjoy trim trailing and do your heart good

  • If you have a history of heart trouble or other significant medical illness, consult your doctor before starting.
  • Wear strong, comfortable running shoes or cross trainers as the routes can have uneven rough surfacing.
  • Loose clothing is more comfortable and in winter add light layers rather than thick chunky clothes.
  • If you have unusual symptoms such as chest pain, breathlessness or dizziness, STOP and consult you doctor.

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