The Outdoor Gym includes:

Hand Bike

The hand bike can be used by both able bodied users and wheelchair users. It is an excellent cardiovascular piece of equipment and helps tone up arms whilst improving muscle, stamina and endurance.

Cross Trainer

The cross trainer is designed to give a cardiovascular workout, as well as helping to improve muscle tone in the legs and arms. With top quality bearings and sliding mechanisms the TGO cross trainer is smooth, safe and easy to use. From super fit to those new to exercise, this is the perfect piece for any gym.

Dips / Leg Raise

This piece of equipment is two stunning exercises for the price and space of one. This not only has an improved ‘dips’ exercise on one side but also has the more inclusive ‘leg raise’ exercise on the other side. The leg raise is an excellent way to improve your core strength. The dips improve the tone of the upper body in particular arms and shoulders.

Leg Press

The large footplate allows for a variety of foot positions to accommodate a wide variety of exercise variations and users. The leg press will work leg and gluteal muscles under a controlled plane, with feet fixed onto the designated footplate. Change foot position to work the calf muscles too. It is the perfect exercise for the legs.

Pull Up / Assisted Pull Up

This jewel of a double station is the piece of equipment that caters for the super fit user as well as those new to exercise. On one side there is a full pull up station for the very fit user and on the other the unique assisted pull up. By stepping on the platform, the users own body weight is counter-levered to enable them to perform the equivalent of a 50% pull up.

 Chest Press / Seated Row

This is an upper body double station that gives users a fantastic workout as well as saving space. Based on lifting approximately 30% of your body weight, this machine works the chest and arms on one side and the arms and back on the other, giving a great upper body workout for all abilities.

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